The Nam Neint Monastery Massacre – Issue 96

March 19th, 2023  •  Author:   Myanmar Peace Monitor  •  1 minute read
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The Myanmar military council has perpetrated various types of terrorist acts since the military takeover on 1 February 2021, regardless of time or place. Despite the fact that the regime burned and killed civilians and civilian infrastructures for no apparent reason, the blatant behaviour of the military council, which often blames the forces that oppose it with fabrications and propaganda, has been evident during this period.

It is evident that the massacre that took place on the premises of Nam Neint village monastery was perpetrated by the coup military council troops.

This issue of Burma News International (BNI) – Myanmar Peace Monitor (MPM) Weekly News Review focuses on the massacre committed by the military council troops in the premises of Nam Neint village monastery based on collected data on the incident.

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