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Burmese Military Companies Boycott List Updated 2023

March 13th, 2023  •  Author:   Burma Campaign UK  •  2 minute read
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Burma Campaign UK has today updated its Boycott List of Burmese military-owned companies and brands.

The Boycott Lists names the products and brands of the vast business empire of the Burmese military, enabling individuals, companies, organisations and governments to avoid purchasing goods and services from military companies.

The updated Boycott List is available here.

Five new listings have been added: The Angel Bistro (Pathein), NayPyiDaw Wholesale, Five Star Compound (Yangon), Five Star Port, Thateka Wharf (Yangon), and Gandamar Wholesale. These are not new military companies or brands, most are part of existing companies and brands on the list. They are being added to ensure the Boycott List is as comprehensive as possible.

One entry has been removed. The cargo vessel Yaan Byea has been sold by the military-owned Five Star shipping line.

Military-owned and controlled companies are an important source of revenue for the Burmese military. Buying goods and services from the military increases their revenue and this revenue is used to fund their operations, building their military capacity and paying for the human rights violations they commit.

“The Boycott List enables people in Burma to avoid funding the military, and should also be used by embassies, companies and UN agencies to make sure they are not funding human rights violations,” said Mark Farmaner, Director of Burma Campaign UK. “All embassies and aid donors in Burma should have policies not to buy goods and services from military companies, and that local and international NGOs cannot use their funds to purchase goods and services from military companies.”

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