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Humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar affected by the coup d’état

February 28th, 2023  •  Author:   Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan  •  2 minute read
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  1. As more than two years have passed since the coup d’état on February 1, 2021, various parts of the country are still experiencing violence. As a result, the humanitarian situation in Myanmar continues to deteriorate further. According to the Humanitarian Response Plan for Myanmar announced by the United Nations on January 25, 17.6 million people, including internally displaced persons, are in need of humanitarian assistance.
  2. Under these circumstances, the Government of Japan has provided a total of more than US$47 million in humanitarian assistance since the coup d’état, through international organizations and NGOs etc., directly benefiting the people of Myanmar.
  3. In response to the rapid increase of the need of humanitarian assistance due to deteriorating situation since last year, the Government of Japan has decided to provide additional humanitarian assistance totaling approximately US$60.3 million (approximately 7 billion 77.7 million yen). Specifically, through international organizations such as UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP and AHA Centre, the Government of Japan will provide food, medical items and shelters as well as water and sanitation infrastructure, nutrition improvement, medical services, access to education, and measures to combat illegal drugs.
  4. The Government of Japan will continue to actively provide humanitarian assistance, while urging the Myanmar side to allow safe and unhindered humanitarian access.

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