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The second anniversary of the Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

February 1st, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Government (Ministry of International Cooperation Myanmar)  •  5 minute read
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The second anniversary of the Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

1st February 2023

Today marks the second anniversary of the brutal failed coup which gave birth to the Myanmar People’s Spring Revolution against the genocidal military dictatorship. Despite the many atrocities, horrific war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed by the junta, the people of Myanmar have continued to resist bravely and stand in solidarity with their heads held high. Our people’s commitment to human rights and federal democracy remains unshakeable, as does our unwavering love of freedom and peace. It is this very struggle for freedom and peace that has been the rallying cry of every generation since independence. For over seventy years, the military generals have committed every act of terrorism in the most inhumane and barbaric ways imaginable against our people. Even just yesterday our brave Karen people marked 74 years in their fight for freedom and federal democracy against the terror of military dictatorships.
In the last 2 years alone, over nine thousand terror attacks carried out against innocent Myanmar people by the terrorist military forces have been recorded, with more than 3,000 civilians brutally murdered. Our people have faced horrible beatings, rape, torture, murder and even mass immolation. Leading pro-democracy leaders and activists have been most cruelly executed, and upwards of 20,000 innocent civilians have been arrested and held in the most deplorable conditions. From the brave citizens who took to the streets in protest against the failed coup, to our President U Win Myint, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and democratically elected members of parliament – whose only crime was daring to take the seats to which the people of Myanmar elected them, these all face unwarranted and illegal incarceration.
Homes, schools, churches and religious buildings – over 36,000 and counting, have been destroyed, leaving over 1.5 million people homeless. Forced to take shelter in the unforgiving jungles, squalid IDP shelters. and over-crowded refugee camps, many have fled to neighbouring countries in which they may also face arrest and forced deportation back to Myanmar, where imprisonment or even execution often awaits them. Moreover, the brutal junta in Myanmar, in yet another barbaric move, has escalated its campaign of terror by weaponising humanitarian assistance and even international aide itself against the more than 17 million Myanmar people who so desperately need it. The junta is forcing international donors and aid workers to channel their assistance through military controlled networks, where this aide is then seized, sold off, and the proceeds going to fund further war crimes against the very people it was designated to help. This terrorist junta has all but completely destroyed Myanmar’s economy through its terrible policies, restrictions, workforce terrorism and destruction of labour rights, forcing over half the population of 54 million into extreme poverty. Additionally, illegal activity, such as opium production, has more than doubled since the coup according to the UNODC, further adding to the afflictions of our people and neighbours.
Thus, it is important always to bear in mind that these military generals, responsible for annulling the 1990 elections, instigating the fraudulent 2008 referendum, rigging the 2010 elections, and staging a failed coup after their spectacular loss in the truly free and fair 2020 elections, have announced yet again their plans to hold an illegal sham election, the likes of which will only bring about increased violence, bloodshed, and a prolonged reign-of-terror against the people of Myanmar. The junta’s proposed sham election is a slap in the face not only to the people of Myanmar, but to democracy on an international level, and an electoral process run by the military could never be free nor fair, and most certainly not democratic. It is therefore imperative that the international community spare no efforts to condemn, denounce, and thoroughly reject this proposed illegal, fraudulent and illegitimate sham of an election. The deaths, destruction, and national instability must not be allowed to continue or to be legitimised by this husk of a sham election. Instead of accepting this farce, the international community must do everything in their power to hold the junta accountable for all of its crimes, atrocities, and genocide, and work hand- in-hand with the National Unity Government (NUG) to ensure the democratic and peaceful future of Myanmar, and stability of the region.
We, the people of Myanmar, are absolutely committed to obtaining freedom and federal democracy. We have no future under the iron fists of a genocidal military dictatorship. Our future rests with true federal democracy, and that is the future the collective “we” must give to the people of Myanmar. Every act of terrorism and attempt by the genocidal military to crush us will always be in vain, such is the strong will of the people who have once tasted the budding of freedom and democracy. Our desire for peace and freedom far outweighs the tyrannical greed of the brutal military generals, and we will never give up our right to this freedom and peace. Together we will defeat this tyranny, these loathsome oppressors, and put an end to dictatorship on our blood soaked soil once and for all. We will restore our nation and eradicate atrocities, genocides, and juntas. Together, we will thrive and flourish, and bring our best and brightest to the world stage in the pursuit of justice. Mark my words; a new Myanmar is coming – a Myanmar that will stand strong for every one of its citizens regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or background; a Myanmar that will join the march to global peace and security.
May God Bless Myanmar!

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