The NUG welcomes the new sanctions imposed by the Australian, the US, UK and Canadian governments

February 1st, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Government (Ministry of International Cooperation Myanmar)  •  2 minute read
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National Unity Government of Myanmar

The NUG welcomes the new sanctions imposed by the Australian, the US, UK and Canadian governments
1st February 2023
The NUG welcomes the long-awaited sanctions imposed by the Australian government targeting 16 military individuals including Min Aung Hlaing himself and his deputy Soe Win and 2 entities (Myanmar Economic Cooperation and Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Ltd) on the second anniversary of the Coup.
The NUG also appreciates another wave of sanctions released by the US, UK and Canadian governments. The US has sanctioned six individuals: 3 from MOGE, 2 former and current military officials, 1 individual, daughter of Tay Za, as financial support to military regime and three entities: the Union Election Commission (UEC), and Mining Enterprises No 1 and 2. The new sanctions by the UK government target two individuals and two companies that play an important role in aviation fuel supply to the junta. The Canadian government targets 6 individuals and imposes a prohibition related to the export, sales and supply of aviation fuel to Myanmar military – the first such embargo in the world, and one we hope other nations will follow as a necessary step to limiting the junta’s ability to bombard civilians from the air.
These new sanctions are significant measures to tackle a worsening conflict and in particular ongoing air strikes against civilians amid a range of other barbaric attacks by the military. The junta has been indiscriminately targeting civilians and villages with the use of heavy weapons and artillery air strikes. Coordinated and targeted sanctions such as these are necessary to lessen human rights violations and crimes against humanity by the military regime.
We are grateful for the work of the Australian, US, UK and Canadian governments in placing these important sanctions to slow the military’s capacity to continue their campaign of terror and repression. We are hopeful that further targeted sanctions will follow, and we hope that more countries follow suit.
We once again request that all governments and the international community immediately place aggressive, targeted sanctions on the military regime and those who support and supply them, in particular restricting the supply of munitions, weapons, and jet fuel.
May God Bless Myanmar!
Union Minister
Ministry of International Cooperation

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