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Statement on the 2nd Anniversary of the Spring Revolution

February 1st, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Government of Myanmar  •  3 minute read
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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

National Unity Government

Statement (2/2023)

1 February 2023

“Statement on the 2nd Anniversary of the Spring Revolution”

1st February 2023 marks the second anniversary of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution. For two years, the people of Myanmar have stood together, their heads held high, and steadfastly resisted Min Aung Hlaing and the Myanmar military’s attempt to overthrow the elected Government.
In staging a coup, the military misread our people. Myanmar has already suffered more than seventy years of military rule. We refuse to return to the dark days of the past. Over the past two years the determination, courage, and tenacity of our people has prevented the military from imposing its rule on Myanmar. Against the odds, the people of Myanmar have financed, organized, and sustained the Spring Revolution. Now, after two years, we have the initiative. Our political momentum cannot be overturned.
The National Unity Government together with our ethnic allies, who have opposed the military for decades, will end the military’s illegal power grab. We will seek justice for the atrocities committed by them against innocent civilians. We will build a federal democracy and bring an end to Myanmar’s 70 years of political crisis. On this common ground, with this common goal, we will end the dictatorship of the terrorist army once and for all.
The National Unity Government and civil society organizations have documented the atrocities of the Myanmar military in its attempt to crush civilian resistance. These include “2,894” dead, including “279” children, “447” women and “70” healthcare workers. “62,399” of houses and dwellings have been torched by the fascist army that also included “163” religious buildings that were destroyed. Targeting of innocent civilians have also resulted in 1.5 million people internally displaced. In this two-year period of the Spring Revolution, there has been “654” air raids by the terrorist fascist army that has resulted in “288” number of innocent civilians killed and “377” injured.
On 2021 March 1, the Committee Representing Pyihtaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) declared the Myanmar military a terrorist organisation based on its perpetration of mass killings and other crimes against humanity. The terrorist military council’s attempt to hold a sham election is to hold onto power illegally. As Myanmar’s lawful government, the National Unity Government will make every effort to ensure that all perpetrators, guilty of treason, are brought to justice and that those who have suffered at their hands are legally recompensed.
In addition, the National Unity Government reaffirms its commitment to the people’s ultimate goal of building a Federal Democratic Union, as declared in our joint New Year statement. The National Unity Consultative Council and National Unity Government, together with all other revolutionary forces, have pledged themselves to follow together the political Road Map laid out in the Federal Democracy Charter.
Myanmar’s Spring Revolution is not to satisfy the immediate needs of the country. Brought on by the courage and participation of the whole population, it is a systematic, unified struggle for our future. Our people are determined to build a Myanmar free of the military dictatorship which has oppressed our country for generations. The Spring Revolution is the springboard for future political change in Myanmar. We appeal to all and urge that by understanding the true nature and aim of the Spring Revolution together with the decisive public opinion, we can undoubtedly stand steadfast as the unified front.
National Unity Government

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