“Reject Fascist Election, March towards Federal”: A Revolutionary Message from General Strike Committee of Nationalities (GSCN)

January 30th, 2023  •  Author:   General Strike Committee of Nationalities  •  4 minute read
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Date: 30th January 2023
  • To completely demolish dictatorship – our cause!
  • To build a Federal Union – our cause!
  • To release all the unjustly arrested people – our cause!
1. February 2023 marks the two-year anniversary of the Myanmar Spring Revolution of different nationalities. On 1 February 2021, the fascist military unlawfully seized the state power. Without hesitation, from inside and outside the country, people of different nationalities and social classes, refused to accept this act of brazen injustice and launched the protest against the fascist dictator. This Spring Revolution has imprinted a shared sense among public to finally struggle towards a federal democracy by completely demolishing all forms of dictatorship, including the military dictatorship. Consequently, despite the terrorist military’s continuing efforts to completely wipe out widespread people’s resistance, they have utterly failed and humiliated politically, militarily, diplomatically and in public relations and this is the affirmation of the two-year anniversary of the people’s revolution.
2. As the revolution and solidarity of diverse nationalities grow stronger, the terrorist junta’s predictable political maneuvers will no longer work. The public will not accept the illegal election no matter what tactics the junta use and this rejection must be demonstrated in unity by Myanmar people inside and outside the country. We, GSCN, absolutely reject the junta’s sham elections. We, GSCN, resolutely stand together with different nationalities and the public in the struggle towards completely demolishing dictatorship and building a federal democratic union. Standing on these political commitments, GSCN respectfully makes the following calls toward the respective political and revolutionary groups:
3. To all the revolutionary nationalities inside and outside the country – We call on all the oppressed revolutionary nationalities to revolt against all the attempts to sustain military bureaucracy under the name of ‘election’ and ‘multi-party democracy system’. We call for the evidence compilation of fascist election activities, which the public clearly rejects. We urge all the Myanmar people of different nationalities, living inside and outside the country, to join in solidarity in protest against the sham election which will forge a wider and deeper people’s revolutionary movement.
4. To the international community – We call on all internationals to genuinely understand the will of the oppressed people of Myanmar living inside and outside the country and to reject and condemn the attempted sham election by the junta. Once again, we reiterate that recognizing the terrorist military diplomatically, militarily, economically, or in any way makes an accomplice with the military perpetrator of genocide atrocities.
Furthermore, we call to immediately investigate and hold the military junta accountable for the terrorist acts committed against the people of Myanmar. We call on the neighboring countries and international community to stand in a responsible and comradely manner so that terrorist militaries shall never rise in the political arena and front of the public again. We urge all to work with local organizations to provide humanitarian aid for the oppressed people of Myanmar and to fully support the process of building a genuine peace and federal democratic system, for which the international community is also responsible.
5. To the revolutionary groups of all nationalities – On behalf of the people, we request all the groups not to recognize the junta and to not participate in dialogue with the fascist military, using the word “peace” as a shield, as they attempt to seek political exist through a fraudulent federal process and sham election while bombing and kill civilians at the same time. To do so would only serve to legitimize the fascist military.
6. To the political parties – We only want political parties that stand with the people and emerged from the Federal Democratic mass movement. We reject political parties that are unable to withdraw from the 2008 Constitution and its derivative oppressive laws written by the genocide-perpetrating military. We strongly urge all political parties to truly reflect people’s voices, help liberate all people with any possible political means through struggle and provide political leadership that can genuinely help progress toward a federal democracy.
Our political calls in brief
  • All Myanmar-born nationalities, resist the Military dictatorship with any possible means from wherever you are.
  • Together with the fraudulent election, schemes to prolong the life of military gangs, a military state, and military bureaucracy shall inevitably fail.
  • We reject oppressive, puppet political parties of the dictator that go against with people’s will. Stand as political parties that serve the people.
  • Stand firmly as good neighbors and a good international community that fortifies the oppressed people of Myanmar.
  • “March Towards Federal”

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