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Attacks on Health Care in Myanmar (28 December 2022 – 10 January 2023)

January 19th, 2023  •  Author:   Insecurity Insight  •  6 minute read
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Documented incidents

20 December 2022: In Pathein town, township and district, Ayeyarwady region, the junta court handed 15 year imprisonment to a male medical doctor with the charges under Counter Terrorism Laws. He was a station medical officer at the primary-level, public station hospital in Hlay Gyi Tet village and village tract, Thabaung township, Pathein district before being arrested in 2021.
Sources: Facebook and Myanma Platform

28 December 2022: In Insein town and township, Yangon district, Yangon region, the junta court in prison handed three-year imprisonment to a male aid worker from the LNGO Nurture AIDS Centre (NAC) for one of the three charges filed against him under Counter Terrorism Laws and Money Laundering Eradication Law. The NAC was founded by the National League of Democracy political party. Sources: Khit Thit Media and Radio Free Asia

29 December 2022: In Mon state, the state health department issued a memo forbidding private clinics and hospitals from employing health workers who were under the charges and/or who were not holding valid and current licences. This act was understood to aim at health workers affiliated with the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). The news attached the memo for Mon state but it was believed that this rule had been reinforced in all states and regions. The Myanmar military inspected private hospitals in Mawlamyine town, township and district, Mon state whether CDM-affiliated health care workers were employed. Sources: Delta News Agency and Khit Thit Media

30 December 2022: In Kyi village and village tract, Tabayin township, Shwebo district, Sagaing region, an ambulance and around 500 houses were set on fire by the Myanmar military. Source:
Ayeyarwaddy Times

31 December 2022: In Mahaaungmyay and Chanayethazan townships, Mandalay city and region, it was confirmed that five private hospitals forced to close down by the Myanmar military on 27 December were no longer functioning. Many patients forced to leave from the affected hospitals lacked access to health care since the remaining public and private hospitals did not have the capacity to admit them. Sources: Eleven Media and Mandalay Free Press

31 December 2022: A leaked document of the military junta listed nine medical doctors to be abducted as the result of the interrogation of the male urologist abducted on 25 December 2022.
The nine doctors on the hunt were 30 to 45 years old, four of them were urologists, and five were assistant surgeons. They were affiliated with the CDM and were working at the private hospitals in Mandalay city. Sources: Khit Thit Media and Mandalay Free Press

01 January 2023: On Chaung Taung bridge, near Chaung Taung village and village tract, Ye township and district, Mon state, a female midwife and another female civilian were shot and injured. The reports varied, with some outlets suggesting they were accidentally shot by junta police and others that the attacks were intentional due to the victims’ refusal to abide by the local by-laws. Sources: Ayeyarwaddy Times and Democratic Voice of Burma

04 January 2023: In the prison in Myeik town, township and district, Tanintharyi region, the Myanmar military regime rearrested a male doctor despite being pardoned on that day. He was arrested on 09 April 2021 and handed a three-year imprisonment on charges of allegedly causing fear and spreading false news. Sources: Chindwin News Agency, Democratic Voice of Burma, and Mizzima

Reported on 04 January 2023: In Hpa-An town, township and district, Kayin state, the Military Hospital, under the Directorate of Medical Services, stopped offering treatment to civilians following armed clashes between the Myanmar military and the joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army and local resistance forces which started on 31 December 2022. Source: Karen Information Centre

05 January 2023: In Kyain Seikgyi town, township and district, Kayin state, the Myanmar military occupied the township hospital after forcing dozens of patients to immediately leave the building..
This event took place following the armed clashes between the Myanmar military and the joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army and local resistance forces which started on 31 December 2022 and was heightened on 04 January 2023. Source: Democratic Voice of Burma 06 January 2023: In Kutkai town and township, Muse district, Shan state, the Myanmar military inspected private clinics and arrested a CDM–affiliated health worker who worked at a rural health centre. Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

07 January 2023: In Ler Htoo Poe area, Me Tu village tract, Dwelo township, Mutraw district Kayin state, a local clinic and seven houses were damaged by bombs dropped by the Myanmar military air forces. Sources: Facebook and Delta News Agency Reported on 07 January 2023: Update: In Taung Lay Lone village and village tract, Taunggyi township and district, Shan state, the junta court handed a ten year imprisonment to a male aid worker in January for allegedly supporting local resistance forces. He was the leader of the LNGO Blood Donor Association and was arrested on 10 October 2022. Source: Mekong News

08 January 2023: Seven national and local networks of CDM–affiliated health workers in Myanmar issued a joint statement warning the health workers who were not affiliated with the CDM to stop providing information of the former groups to the junta; and if the health workers working for the junta ignored the warning, actions would be taken. Source: CDM Medical Network

09 January 2023: In Pale town and township, Yinmabin district, Sagaing region, the local resistance forces allegedly arrested a 33 year old female nurse, her husband, and her eight-year-old daughter from the township hospital, using them as human shields while retreating from the armed clashes. This event took place after the armed clashes between the local resistance forces and the Myanmar military in Pale town. Sources: Facebook and Telegram

Reported on 10 January 2023: In Mandalay city, Mandalay region, many CDM–affiliated health workers do not have access to health care since neither public nor private hospitals offer treatment to them in fear of the military junta. Source: Mandalay Free Press

10 January 2023: In Chanayethazan and Mahaaungmyay townships, Mandalay city and region, the Myanmar military raided two private hospitals, inspected whether any CDM–affiliated health workers had been employed, and arrested the owners of the Duwun Specialist Clinic and Diagnostic Centre, and Kyal Sin Lin Hospital for allegedly employing CDM health workers. Duwun Hospital continued services despite the arrest. Patients at Kyal Sin Lin Hospital were forced to leave no later than 11 January, and the hospital had to be closed down; however, the hospital had not been sealed or confiscated yet. The owner of Kyal Sin Lin Hospital was previously arrested in September 2022. Sources: Mandalay Free Press, Mekong News and Myanmar Now

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