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Statement on the 60th anniversary of Ta’ang National Revolution Day

January 12th, 2023  •  Author:   Palaung State Liberation Front  •  3 minute read
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Statement No.: 1/2023
Date. . 1/12/2023

Today, January 12, 2023, is the 60th anniversary of the National Revolution Day of the Ta’ang people. We would like to salute the leaders, Martyred comrades who gave up their lives, blood, sweat and other material possessions to get Ta’ang National Liberation and to establish Ta’ang State as well as to the Ta’ang people with pride and joy.

Together with democratic revolutionary forces, and ethnic revolutionary forces, Ta’ang people in different layers and in different forms have been fighting against all the successive dictators of Myanmar/Burma including the one-party dictator U Ne Win, who oppressed and diminished the basic rights of all ethnic people throughout Myanmar, General Than Shwe of SLORC/SPDC dictator and today military council leader General Min Aung Hlaing. The historical milestone of each generation of Ta’ang revolution against the oppressive tyrant is to be proud for the national liberation of Ta’ang people.

The successive dictators of Burma who have degraded the people of Burma in the middle of the world in various sectors of the country such as politics, education, health, economics and etc, , nowadays, are violating all kinds of human rights openly. The acts of military council of arresting, torturing and killing various Burmese people, bullying and killing mercilessly of children and women, burning and destroying many houses in the city and rural areas and attacking and destroying with all shapes and sizes of heavy weaponry together with airstrikes to the people and villages and giving death penalty to detained political prisoners, have left the whole population and ethnic people with no paths for national reconciliation.

In the more civilized world of the 21st century, to eliminate the evil Burmese military dictators, now is important time for the organizations from various forces emerged from the spring revolution and ethnic revolutionary forces to overcome various ideological differences and fight the revolution with stronger unity and winning strategies.

The Palaung State Liberation Front is proud to release the statement commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Ta’ang National Revolution Day, promising that PSLF/TNLA will persistently fight to reach the National Liberation Destiny by leading the Ta’ang political forces, and forces that are working for the benefit of Ta’ang people, with the Ta’ang army which can perform the revolutionary tasks and which was strongly trained together with the administration and activities that will benefit the Ta’ang people while forming alliance in searching for the harmony between democratic and ethnic revolutionary forces.

Central Committee
Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF)
Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)

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