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Letter of Felicitation to 60th Ta’ang Revolutionary Day

January 12th, 2023  •  Author:   Ta’ang Political Consultative Council  •  3 minute read
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Date – 12, Jan, 2023

1. Ta’ang Revolutionary Day: For 60 years the Ta’ang people have been working hard/striving to build a Ta’ang State, based on federalism and selfdetermination, where people are free from any kind of oppression, and enjoy
all fundamental human rights. Today, 12 January 2023 is the 60th Ta’ang Revolutionary Day and we, Ta’ang Political Consultative Council-TPCC, are offering our sincere condolences to the Ta’ang leaders and Ta’ang comrades who have offered their lives, their spirit, and their properties for the revolution.

2. TPCC greatly appreciates the PSLF/TNLA’s endeavor for Ta’ang selfdetermination and establishment of the Ta’ang Government including Legislative, Executive, Judiciary branches in Ta’ang areas since before the military coup, on 1 February, 2021. TPCC honors the PSLF/TNLA’s exemplary work done while facing many challenges, for abolishing the structure of the military junta and establishing its own governing structure in Ta’ang areas.

3. TPCC is a Ta’ang political leadership group that was founded during the Spring Revolution in 2021 to end all forms of dictatorship and build a federally democratic country. TPCC is committed to collaborating with all
alliances that have a revolutionary vision for federalism.

4. The root causes of political problems in Burma include chauvinism, lack of democratic principles, lack of equality, and state building that opposes the principles of federalism and uses violence and oppression to solve political problems. Because of these many problems, the civil war in the country could not be ended until today.

5. The military coup led by Min Aung Hlaing on Feb 1, 2021 has rejected the political will of the people, including the 2020 election results. Since the coup, the military junta has already killed over 276 children, 841 students and youth, and 328 women. It has burnt down or destroyed more than 38,383 houses and properties and arrested over 16,714 people. The people of Myanmar have been living under fear, threat and hostilities due to the coup.

6. All the stakeholders in the Spring Revolution, including the Bamar ethnic people, should use the strength of the Spring Revolution and press forward together to achieve the revolutionary vision of establishing a federal democracy and abolishing all forms of the dictatorship.

7. On this 60th Ta’ang Revolutionary Day, we pledge our ongoing commitment, and urge all people in Ta’ang State to work together with Ta’ang political stakeholders to build a Ta’ang State, abolish all forms of dictatorship, and establish a just, peaceful and federally democratic country.

Ta’ang Political Consultative Council – TPCC
12, Jan, 2023