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The Decisive Year of The Spring Revolution or The Direction of The Spring Revolution. – Issue 86

January 7th, 2023  •  Author:   Myanmar Peace Monitor  •  1 minute read
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Seconds, minutes, days and months go by without anyone’s help. The Spring Revolution of the people of Myanmar has also relied on itself in its own way, fighting from all sides against the military council and its props. The year 2022 has come to an end while they are engaged in this struggle. The Spring Revolution forces, including the National Unity Government (NUG), are chanting in chorus that 2023 will be the decisive year of the Spring Revolution.

This issue of Burma News International Organizations (EROs) during the military coup, and could be higher given the number of clashes. Broken down by year, 699days of clashes were recorded in 2021, while the number rose to 1,387 days in 2022, nearly doubling the intensity of resistance to the military council.

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