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SAC shelling in Rakhine State kills and wounds civilians including children

December 12th, 2022  •  Author:   Myanmar Witness  •  2 minute read
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Key Event Details

  • The attack is claimed to have occurred on 16 November 2022 during a local villagers barbeque in Gyit Chaung (ဂြစ်ချောင်း).

  • Alleged shelling occurred around 1230 local time from a claimed nearby SAC military post located in Kyein Chaung [21.092015, 92.336977].

  • At least 11 to 13 villagers claimed to have been killed, including three children, with between 27 to 30 reported injured.

  • Kyein Chaung Hospital [21.083338, 92.336132] in Kyein Chaung was the location for the majority of the footage collected due to many villagers needing immediate medical attention.

  • The Arakan Army (AA) has blamed State Administration Council’s (SAC) troops, stating it was deliberately firing at civilians. It is alleged the SAC tried to bribe local villagers with money to state that the AA conducted the attack, or that they didn’t know which side of the conflict fired the mortars.


On 16 November 2022, around 1230 local time, a children’s barbeque (claimed to be for a child’s naming ceremony) was allegedly attacked by an SAC military outpost in Kyein Chaung village (ကြိမ်ချောင်း), Maungdaw township, Rakhine state. Online reporting states the damage was a result of three or four separate mortar shells, resulting in at least 11 to 13 deaths, including three children, and around 27 to 30 villagers injured.  Content from DVB mentions a total of 50 people injured. Those injured were rushed to Kyein Chaung Hospital [21.083338, 92.336132], just west of the region attacked. Those with more severe injuries were allegedly rushed to a larger facility at Maungdaw District Hospital in Maungdaw, after initial assessment in Kyein Chaung. 


The artillery shells were said to be fired from a nearby military post occupied by Border Force Police Unit 7. The local SAC post is known as Kyein Chaung (in Burmese) or Raing Chaung (in Arakan) (24) Camp (ကြိမ်ချောင်း (၂၄)စခန်း) in Kyein Chaung, with claims of Border Force Police Unit 7 being stationed there. 


A DVB article claimed that after the attack, Raing Chaung (24) Camp soldiers tried to bribe the locals to either state in interviews that the other side (the AA) fired the weapons, or that they didn’t know which side fired the mortars. Reports say threats were made, and that some villagers did give forced statements due to this exchange. 


It is likely that the SAC troops shot these weapons, but an intent to attack civilians, particularly children, cannot be fully assessed. Regardless of this, civilians continue to be affected by the rising conflict in Rakhine state between the AA and SAC forces.

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