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Attacks on Health Care in Myanmar (02-15 November 2022)

November 15th, 2022  •  Author:   Insecurity Insight  •  4 minute read
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Documented incidents

01-02 Nov 2022: In Mandalay town, township, district and region, 24 health workers were arrested by the Myanmar military following the series of arrests and seizures of pharmaceuticals on 27-31 October 2022. Some were physicians, obstetricians, orthopaedic surgeons and public health practitioners affiliated with the CDM. Many of them were volunteering at a charity hospital called Byamaso. Sources: BBC Burmese, Mandalay Free Press and The Irrawaddy

02 Nov 2022: In Pyigyitagon town and township, Mandalay district and region, a building of a Christian orphanage and daycare school allegedly used for health care provision by the health workers arrested in the series of arrests 27 Oct – 2 Nov 2022 were seized and sealed by the Myanmar military. Around 60 child IDPs and the staff sheltering in the property were forced to leave. The Myanmar military alleged that the buildings had been used by the Kachin Independence Army and local defence forces. Sources: Chindwin News Agency, Facebook, Mandalay Free Press and Radio Free Asia

06 November 2022: In Sittwe town, township, and district, Rakhine state, a male volunteer aid worker for the LNGO Arakan Blood Donor was arrested by the Myanmar military following an attack on a government officer by gunmen earlier in the day. Source: Development Media Group

07 November 2022: In Hnget Pyaw Taing village and village tract, Kanbalu township and district, Sagaing region, a midwife was kidnapped and her husband was shot dead allegedly by the local defence forces. At the time of incident, around 70 armed people raided the sub-rural health centre, tortured the midwife and opened fire at her husband who tried to escape with their seven and nine-year-old sons. The midwife was kidnapped along with her vehicle and was not affiliated with the CDM. Sources: Facebook, Telegram, Telegram II and Voice of Myanmar

08 November 2022: Near Kyar Ta Kan village, Htan Pin Kone village tract, Kyunhla township, Kanbalu district, Sagaing region, a health worker from the NGO ASELF TOT Health was injured in a landmine explosion while on his way to meet a patient. The Myanmar military accused the local defence forces for planting the landmine. Sources: Facebook and Telegram

Reported on 08 November 2022: Htantlang township, Chin state, two clinics were amongst 25 targets for airstrikes according to leaked documents of the Myanmar military. Sources: Chin Human Rights Organisation, Facebook and Khit Thit Media

10 November 2022: In Sin Inn Gyi village, Ponnagyun township, Sittwe district, Rakhine state, a male health worker was among the ten civilians shot dead by the Myanmar military. Sources: Development Media Group and Myanmar Now

13 November 2022: In Yesagyo town and township, Pakokku district, Magway region, the local defence forces attacked the Myanmar military occupying the township hospital killing two soldiers and injuring one. Sources: Khit Thit Media and Mizzima

13 November 2022: In Hlaing town and township, Mayangone district, Yangon region, a patient was arrested by the Myanmar military from a private clinic while he was seeking treatment after being injured in an IED attack on a military vehicle by an unknown group and the shooting at the people around the scene by the Myanmar military. Sources: BBC Burmese and Mizzima

11-14 November 2022: In Kyaiklat town and township, Pyapon district, Ayeyarwady region, a male doctor was among 30 civilians arrested by the Myanmar military following the shooting of a militia member by armed men on 10 November 2022. After initial interrogation, the doctor and another civilian remained detained and were charged with violation of Penal Code Section 505(A). Sources: Delta News Agency and Voice of Myanmar

14 November 2022: In Obo Prison, Aungmyathazan town, township and district, Mandalay region, a female midwife reportedly died after being tortured during interrogation by the Myanmar military. She was arrested on 29 October 2022. Sources: Chindwin News Agency, Mandalay Free Press and Myanmar Now

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