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Quarterly Mixed Migration Update Asia and the Pacific, Quarter 3, 2022

October 19th, 2022  •  Author:   Mixed Migration Centre  •  2 minute read
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Key Updates

• Inconsistent responses to Afghan displacement continue to put lives at risk: There remains a lack of consistency in response to a large number of Afghan nationals moving to seek safety and stability despite pledges to receive Afghans made by the US, Australia, and some EU countries.

• Migration surges in Sri Lanka due to economic and political crises: Political and economic crises in Sri Lanka have led many to leave the country. Outward movements have surged with the majority heading to the Middle East, Australia, and India.

• Rohingya refugees are at risk of deportation from India and Bangladesh: Both countries have increased efforts to classify Rohingya refugees as “illegal” and subsequently deport them to Myanmar.

• Mental health concern among refugees in Malaysia: An incident in Kuala Lumpur on 2 August involving a father throwing his three young children off a flyover before plunging to death calls attention to mental health issues among refugees, particularly in the wake of Covid-19 related isolation and vilification.

• Demand for migrant workers is rising in post-pandemic recovery: Countries such as Malaysia and Thailand are facing a shortage of workers in labour-intensive sectors.

• Pakistan floods displaced millions, including Afghan refugees and local Pakistani communities: Climate change-induced floods in Pakistan uproot not only Pakistanis, but also thousands of refugees, including from Afghanistan.

• Australia increases migrant targets in order to fill jobs and attract talent: Demonstrating the benefit of allowing increased migrant access to the labour market, Australia has raised its migrant targets to attract talent.

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