Myanmar Junta Troops Behead NUG Teacher – U Saw Tun Moe

October 18th, 2022  •  Author:   The Irrawaddy  •  2 minute read
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Basic education school teachers join an anti-regime protest in Yangon in February 2021. / The Irrawaddy

By The Irrawaddy

Myanmar junta troops beheaded a teacher at a civilian National Unity Government (NUG) school in Magwe Region, according to sources.

U Saw Tun Moe was teaching at a NUG-funded school in Thit Nyi Naung village in southern Pauk Township. He was abducted on Sunday and killed at Taung Myint village about 3km away the following day.

Around 130 junta soldiers and junta-affiliated Pyu Saw Htee militia members entered Taung Myit on Monday morning, according to witnesses.

“I saw him when junta troops entered our village. His hands were tied behind his back and he was forced away,” a Taung Myint villager told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday on the condition of anonymity.

U Saw Tun Moe’s beheaded body was found at the school after troops left the village on Monday.

Body of U Saw Tun Moe is dumped outside the school at Taung Myint village.

“His head was hung at the school door and his body was leaned against the door. Three fingers were cut off at the base and thrown between his thighs,” said a resident.

U Saw Tun Moe, 46, worked as a private teacher for 20 years and ran his own boarding school. After the 2021 coup, he volunteered for an NUG-sponsored school.

“He was aware he could end up like this if he fell into junta hands. Even then he took the risk and chose to teach at the NUG school. He was kind to his students. He committed himself to a historic duty as a good citizen,” said a colleague.

U Saw Tun Moe mainly taught mathematics and had many pupils across southern Pauk. He leaves a son.

Residents said the killing is to threaten others.

“They have cruelly killed him like this to instill fears in teachers and children and threaten the resistance groups,” said a resident.

NUG headmaster U Ye Thiha, who refused to work under military rule, from a middle school in Zalun Township in Ayeyarwady Region was stabbed to death on Monday.

The Basic Education General Strike Committee and Basic Education Workers Union Steering Committee on Tuesday denounced the atrocities, calling on the NUG to protect teachers and children.

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