Human Rights Council Fifty-first Session: Report of the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar

August 9th, 2022  •  Author:   Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar  •  2 minute read
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The present document is the fourth report submitted by the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar to the Human Rights Council pursuant to resolution 39/2 of 27 September 2018, and it covers the Mechanisms activities from 16 June 2021 to 30 June 2022.

In August 2022, the Mechanism will complete its third year of operations. August will also mark the fiveyear commemoration of the 2017 clearance operations in Rakhine State, which led to the displacement of nearly 1 million Rohingya people. Tragically for the Rohingya and all the peoples of Myanmar, progress on ending impunity and ensuring accountability for crimes committed remains limited. Established for the purpose of facilitating justice and accountability efforts, the Mechanism continues to collect and analyse a substantial amount of information on the most serious international crimes committed in Myanmar since 2011, including sexual and genderbased crimes and crimes against and affecting children. The information collected and analysed thus far includes evidence that reinforces the Mechanism’s assessment in its previous annual report that crimes against humanity continue to be systematically committed in Myanmar. Furthermore, the information includes evidence of intensified and sustained violence and the existence of various armed conflicts within Myanmar.

Despite increasing challenges, the Mechanism seized opportunities to further deepen its collection and analytical activities, increase testimonial evidence, enhance specialized capacities, deploy cuttingedge technology and strengthen engagement with a range of stakeholders. Having made over 120 formal requests for information and assistance and engaged with nearly 200 sources and information providers, the Mechanism’s repository now consists of nearly 3,000,000 information items, including interview statements, documentation, videos, photographs, geospatial imagery and social media material. The evidence collected will facilitate the Mechanism’s efforts to build files that prove the commission of serious international crimes related to priority incidents and in relation to the individuals most responsible for the crimes. The Mechanism aims to facilitate justice for the
people of Myanmar, including in proceedings before the International Court of Justice, ongoing investigations before the International Criminal Court, the ongoing investigation by judicial authorities of Argentina and future relevant jurisdictions.

The Mechanism remains steadfast in its commitment to engage with all parts of the international community, in particular Member States in the AsiaPacific region, in order to demonstrate its value as an effective contributor to justice and accountability for the most serious international crimes committed in Myanmar.

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