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A Statement of the GSCB regarding the the military’s confession of unlawful killings of Ko Jimmy (aka Ko Kyaw Min Yu), Ko Phyo Zeyar Thaw, Ko Hla Myo Aung and Ko Thura Zaw

July 25th, 2022  •  Author:   General Strike Coordination Body  •  3 minute read
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On July 25, the military has confirmed through their propaganda media that they have unlawfully murdered Ko Jimmy (aka Ko Kyaw Min Yu), Ko Phyo Zeyar Thaw, Ko Hla Myo Aung and Ko Thura Zaw; who had been unjustly detained in Insein Prison prior to their killings.

These unlawful killings are an expression of the fascist military’s hostile attitude towards the pro-democracy movement, and it is also an ultimate display of the most despicable evil.

The recent action of the military group, which intends to continue to rule the country with fear by killing the prominent leaders of the democratic movement, fully demonstrates that it is not worthy of the political process of meeting, negotiating and finding a solution.

In addition, such blatant violation of the law and the legal system of Myanmar, and the international code of conducts also fully shows that the military exists solely for protecting the interests and the actions of Min Aung Hlaing and is no longer a national defense organisation, but a political terrorist group.

This incident only proves that the fascist military dictatorship is to be uprooted, and ‌as a historical responsibility, a federal army for national defence is to be established.

We urge the EROs, PDFs and other armed revolutionary groups to take military action against the military and those who serve them. We also call on you to speed up the multi-pronged offensive for the final defeat of the fascist military in order to establish the federal army so that the lives and properties of the people can be under protection.

We also urge the people to be fully committed to the revolution by accelerating the economic, social and political punishments on the military and their affiliates in retaliation for these killings.

As political leading organisations such as the NUCC, NUG and CRPH, we also call on these organisations to put an end to the fascist military dictatorship and set up and implement practical plans for the establishment of a federal democratic union in recognition of those who have sacrificed themselves for the cause.

We also urge the international community, which is known to be a civilised society, to stop being a bystander and start taking effective actions against the military for the perpetuation of crimes against humanity that are openly committed.

All the brutality of the military is completely unacceptable in the new civilised world.

The situation calls for a final decision for all those who want justice to be fully opposed to violence.

The blood debt shall never be debated.
We only want the fascists to be tried in the court of the people.
The uprising shall triumph

General Strike Coordination Body

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