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Russia: Stop Arming Burmese Military and Interfering in Internal Affairs

May 4th, 2022  •  Author:   Burma Campaign UK  •  2 minute read
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Russian companies supplying arms to the Burmese military should face sanctions.

Russia is probably the biggest supplier of arms to the Burmese military. Russia has also hosted several military delegations since the attempted coup last year, organised trade and economic delegations, and has fiercely defended the military at the United Nations Security Council.

“At the same time as Russia says the international community should not interfere in the internal affairs of Burma, Russia is interfering more than any western country ever has,” said Anna Roberts, Executive Director of Burma Campaign UK.

Where other countries have intervened at the request of the people of Burma to promote human rights and democracy, Russia has intervened on the side of the military to help them commit human rights violations and deny democracy to the people of Burma.

Activists from Burma have told us that just because Russia is unlikely to stop arming the Burma military does not mean they shouldn’t be called out for what they are doing.

Putin is complicit in the violations of international law committed by the Burmese military, as they are using equipment Russia has sold to them. Russia is in receipt of money stolen from the people of Burma to pay for those weapons.

“The same Russian jets bombing Ukraine have been sold to the Burmese military and are used for bombing civilians,” said Anna Roberts. “Just as Russian companies have been sanctioned following the invasion of Ukraine, Russian companies involved in the supply of arms to the Burmese military should also face sanctions.”

More information on Russian companies supplying arms is available here.

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