WFP Myanmar Market Price Update (February 2022)

May 3rd, 2022  •  Author:   World Food Programme  •  1 minute read
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  • Fuel prices increased by +7% from January to February and again by +18% from February to March amidst global uncertainty, causing transportation costs to rise again – a key driver of increasing retail prices. By mid-March, fuel prices were more than double that seen in February 2021 (+133%)
  • Insecurity continued to disrupt supply and affect stock availability and prices: For the second month in a row, WFP was unable to collect prices in Shadaw or Hpasawng, Kayah; heavy fighting in Puta-O caused route blockages
  • Harvest of some commodities (pulses, rice, tomatoes) and increased availability contributed to declining prices in some areas, but no major declines seen due to rising costs to transport goods (except for tomatoes which are sold more locally when in season)
  • Edible oil prices also rose again by 9-11% as local exchange rates (with Thai Baht, USD) deteriorated in February (+78-79% compared to one year ago)
  • The cost of the basic food basket overall was stable compared to January, but remains +27% higher than the same time last year.

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