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Myanmar Case Study: Psychosocial Support at Child-Friendly Spaces (Value for Money: Efficiency) January 2022

February 22nd, 2022  •  Author:   Save the Children  •  1 minute read
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This case study summarises an analysis conducted by Save the Children, UK using the Dioptra tool to assess the cost-efficiency of Psychosocial Support in Myanmar. The analysis revealed that:

  • Psychosocial Support (PSS) in Myanmar cost between €14 to €54 per child reached. Delivering PSS through volunteers at mobile CFS is more cost-efficient than through fixed CFS, suggesting that it can be scaled up to address immediate needs.
  • Leveraging on community volunteers and reutilising existing training materials may reduce costs and enhance efficiency.
  • One-time infrastructure costs at fixed CFS are required to address children’s multidimensional needs, but such costs are expected to decrease in subsequent years.

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