Myanmar People Urged to Join ‘Six Twos Revolution’ General Strike Against Regime

February 21st, 2022  •  Author:   Six Twos Revolution (Myanmar)  •  4 minute read
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Myanmar anti-military regime protesters in Mandalay during the ‘22222’ (‘Five Twos’) popular uprising on Feb. 22, 2021. / The Irrawaddy  


Anti-regime forces have called on the Myanmar people to join a mass protest planned for Tuesday that is being referred to as the “Regathering for the Six Twos Revolution”, a reference to the date, 22.2.2022. The protest is also being referred to as “Revolt by the Rural, Defiance by the Urban.”

Last year on Feb. 22 (22.2.2021), three weeks after the military seized power, protesters across Myanmar took to the streets in a general strike known as the “Five Twos Revolution,” in one of the largest nationwide shows of opposition to the military.

People have been urged to take to the streets in the “Six Twos Revolution” wearing bamboo or other hats as well as Thanakha, a traditional face powder, and holding flowers and bouquets. People, if possible, are also urged to scatter papers bearing anti-coup slogans along with flowers, raise a three-finger salute and bang pots and pans at 8 p.m.

Strike committees have urged the people to join the protest by any other means if they are not able to participate in said activities.

“Millions of people took to the streets in last year’s ‘Five Twos’ revolution. And we want to organize a campaign on Feb. 22 this year in which millions of people can participate. We want to show that people still oppose military rule and that the anti-coup movements remain strong,” said Ko Khant Wai Phyo, a member of the Monywa General Strike Committee.

Posters of anti-regime protesters’ call for a regathering on Feb. 22, 2022 for the ‘Six Twos’ or ‘222222’ strike.  

“We always have trust in the people. People have time and again shown that they are totally against the coup and military dictatorship. I believe we will be able to show it again tomorrow. So, we have suggested those methods which we think can allow people to subtly show their opposition with minimum risk to themselves,” he said.

Over 30 general strike committees from different parts of Myanmar led by the General Strike Coordination Body (GSCB) have called for the strike. Myanmar expats in foreign countries, celebrities and activists have also called on the people to join the mass demonstrations on Tuesday.

Activists and Buddhist monks in Mandalay took to the streets on Monday, urging the people to join the “Six Twos Revolution.”

The leader of a women’s alliance in Mandalay, Ma Aye Myint Aung Aung, said: “At this time last year, many people across the country took to the streets. But, mass demonstrations can’t be held this year. So, we have suggested the ways people can participate in the protest. And I would like to urge the people to join the protest.”

Meanwhile, pro-junta Telegram accounts issued threats against activists who show support for the “Six Twos Revolution”, urging the regime to arrest those who back the general strike on social media.

GCSB spokesman Ko Nan Lin told The Irrawaddy: “The military regime and its pillars are really frightened by public campaigns. So, they have used threats to deter the people from participating in those campaigns. They are trying to instill fear in people because they are frightened by public campaigns. In no country are people arrested for holding flowers and wearing Thanakha. I want to urge the people not to worry about threats from the other side.”

He added: “Every public activity is a serious blow to the military regime. Fighting is not the only answer in the Spring Revolution. There will be progress in this revolution only when we make collaborative efforts through military, political and diplomatic means and public campaigns.”

Original Post: The Irrawaddy