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February 9th, 2022  •  Author:   Burma Campaign UK  •  1 minute read
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Evergreen Marine, a Taiwanese company which is the world’s fourth largest cargo shipping company, has informed Burma Campaign UK that it will no longer use the Burmese military-owned Hteedan Port Terminal in Yangon.

In May 2020, Evergreen was placed on the ‘Dirty List’ of companies linked to the Burmese military or human rights violations in Burma because of their use of a Burmese military-owned port. They have now been removed. Evergreen are the latest is a series of shipping companies to avoid military-owned ports in Yangon, following a decision by Maersk in October 2020 to stop using military ports.

Conglomerates owned by the Burmese military own three ports in Yangon, Hteedan Port Terminal, Ahlone International Port Terminal, and TMT Port.

“The decision by Evergreen to stop using military-owned ports is very welcome and is one less source of revenue for the military,” said Mark Farmaner. “Evergreen are a huge and market leading shipping company which now refuse to use Burmese military-owned ports. Any shipping company using military ports is helping to fund human rights violations by the Burmese military.”

Burma Campaign UK will be adding more shipping companies to the ‘Dirty List’ when it is updated in March 2022.