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Never Ever Let “Hun Sen” Set Foot in Myanmar

January 2nd, 2022  •  Author:   Myanmar Revolution Forces  •  2 minute read
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Date: 2nd January 2022

During 1970-77, served as a battalion commander of Khmer Rouge and widely regarded as a key war criminal by the international governments for the genocidal killing of millions of innocent Khmer people as in the documentary film named “The Killing Fields.” Being mad about power, refused to accept the 1993 election results and not content with the position of the Second prime minister so orchestrated a coup d’etat in 1997.

Supporting the terrorist SAC in committing genocide in Myanmar as exactly as in the world-famous movie “The Killing Fields.” A puppet of the Chinese government who crazes for power and seizes the premier position of Cambodia forever by notorious voter fraud and election fraud. After the dissolution of the opposition party in 2008, shamelessly revitalised the de facto one-party rule. Oppressing the Cambodian people by all means and notorious for his key role in corruption and human rights violations, the Cambodian prime minister, Hun Sen’s visit to Myanmar is absolutely against the will of the people of Myanmar and shows disrespect for the 2021 Myanmar Spring Revolution.

The terrorist SAC led by Min Aung Hlaing has increasingly committed genocidal mass killing, atrocities and burning to death in Chin State, Sagaing Region, Kayin and Kayah( Karenni) States and many other different parts of the country. At this time, the premier of Cambodia holding the chairmanship of the ASEAN 2022, Hun Sen’s visit to Myanmar without any commitment by the SAC to an immediate cessation of violence in Myanmar or to a constructive dialogue among all parties concerned which are included in the ASEAN five point consensus is not at all in line with it and moreover it is a sheer attempt to help conceal the atrocities of the SAC and to put the terrorist SAC back to the ASEAN community.

Therefore, Revolution Forces solemnly declare that they publicly denounce the visit of Cambodia premier Hun Sen and will absolutely keep Hun Sen who is backing the terrorist SAC by all possible measures from setting foot in Myanmar.

“Never Ever Let “Hun Sen” Set Foot in Myanmar”

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