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UNICEF Myanmar Humanitarian Situation Report No. 7: 28 October 2021

October 29th, 2021  •  Author:   The United Nations Children's Fund  •  1 minute read
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In the northwest region’s recent hostilities and active clashes, including airstrikes in Sagaing, have caused further population displacement and increased vulnerability. As road movements in Chin are limited due to ongoing armed clashes are impacting the availability of fuel and the price of goods has risen. Relief supplies including essential medicines are in urgent need, with very limited transportation alternatives.

A UNICEF Rapid Needs Assessment during 28 September to 5 October in selected townships of Sagaing region found that priority humanitarian assistance needs are food items and health services, including medicine, treatment, and COVID-19 related testing, treatment and vaccination.

Since mid-October, communication interruption in regions of southeast Myanmar, as well as Sagaing and Kachin, have exacerbated the vulnerability and threatened the well-being of the population while stopping humanitarian partners from communicating efficiently.

Travel authorization requirements and restrictive banking regulations continue to be the main obstacles for our partners and to severely impact programme implementation, in addition to the intermittent fighting and clashes, adding another layer of complexity to already limited access.

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