Father of NLD MP shot dead by junta soldiers in Sinbaungwe, Magwe Region

July 17th, 2021  •  Author:   U Tin Ohn (Magway)  •  2 minute read
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Villagers in Tha Ngar, Sinbaungwe Township, dig a grave in which to bury the body of Tin Ohn, who was shot dead by the junta. (CJ)

Villagers say the 60-year-old farmer was killed while tending to his sesame field

By Myanmar Now

The father of a National League for Democracy (NLD) regional parliamentarian was shot dead in Sinbaungwe Township, Magwe Region by the junta’s soldiers on Friday morning.

Two locals confirmed to Myanmar Now that the troops shot and killed Tin Ohn, a 60-year-old farmer, in his field at 10am. He was the father of elected regional MP Yan Aung Myo.

A villager from Tha Ngar village, where Tin Ohn lived, said he was working in a sesame field when he was killed.

“According to the sound of the gunfire, they shot about 20 rounds,” the villager said. “The soldiers knew where [Yan Aung Myo’s] family members were because of information given to them by military informants.”

He added that some villagers reportedly saw Tin Ohn’s body being taken away by the army on a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Villagers have been unable to contact Tin Ohn’s other family members since his death, the villager said.

“We can’t call them. They have not picked up the calls,” he said.

Myanmar Now is continuing to gather information surrounding Tin Ohn’s killing.

A Sinbaungwe resident said that at around 2pm on Friday, the junta announced that Tin Ohn’s body could be retrieved from the township hospital. A village administrator and clerk were reportedly going to claim it.

Villagers from Tha Ngar made a grave to bury Tin Ohn on Saturday.

Parliamentarian Yan Aung Myo, Tin Ohn’s son, lived in Aye Ka Rit village near Tha Ngar, but he had been on the run since April, the Sinbaungwe resident said.

Yan Aung Myo contested and won the 2020 general election as an NLD candidate in Magwe’s regional parliament for Sinbaungwe’s Constituency 1.

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