Soldiers in Sagaing shoot protest leader in the leg before arresting him

June 9th, 2021  •  Author:   Marn Zar Myay Mon (Chaung-U)  •  2 minute read
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Marn Zar Myay Mon, a young protest leader in Chaung-U, was shot and arrested on Tuesday morning (Supplied) 

Marn Zar Myay Mon was riding on a motorcycle in a bid to escape a raid when the bullet hit him 

By Myanmar Now

Soldiers shot a local protest leader in the leg as he rode on the back of a motorcycle in Sagaing Region on Tuesday morning before arresting him and taking him to an interrogation center, a source close to the activist said.

Marn Zar Myay Mon was trying to escape from the village of Shanhtu–where he had been hiding–after regime troops arrived and carried out a raid at around 6am.

“The village school was set on fire at night, and the next morning the military showed up,” said a local source who is close to the activist and requested anonymity.

“He was leaving the village to go into hiding again but met with the military’s troops. They shot him in the thigh and he fell off the bike,” the source added.

The driver of the bike managed to escape, as did two others who were riding another motorcycle along with them.

Marn Zar Myay Mon received treatment for his wound but was sent to the Monywa interrogation center in legcuffs, the source said.

The 28-year-old has been wanted by the regime since April, when he was charged with incitement under section 505a of the Penal Code after becoming a prominent leader of anti-coup protests in Chaung-U Township.

His family learned of his arrest at 7am on Tuesday and they have been unable to talk to or meet with him since. He is the son of the writer Myay Mon and has previously worked as a freelance journalist.

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