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Burma Army Shelling Karen Villages Despite “Ceasefire”

April 9th, 2021  •  Author:   Salween Peace Park  •  2 minute read
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The Burma military dictatorship’s so-called unilateral ceasefire was announced for 1 month on March 31st, but the Burma Army continues to terrorise and slaughter civilians across the country including shelling into Karen villages within the Salween Peace Park, violating their own declaration.

On April 7, at 8.00 in the morning, the Burma Army’s Light Infantry Division (408) fired three rounds of artillery into Nay Ga village, Lay Poe Hta Village Tract, Dwelo Township, and 4 villagers were injured:

  1. Naw Poe Aye, 48 years old, head wounds
  2. Naw Mu, 33 years old, wounds in her back and right shoulder
  3. Saw Kyaw Shee, 31 years old, wounds on his left arm and hand
  4. Naw Mee Mee, 11 years old, wounds over her whole body

Besides these injuries, two villagers’ houses belonging to Saw Pah Boh and Naw Be were hit and damaged by mortar rounds.

Yesterday, on April 8, the Burma Army fired mortars into several villages in Mutraw District in the Salween Peace Park.

At 13.35 in the afternoon, the Burma Army base at Paw Khay Kho fired a total of 5 mortars into villages in Toe Thoo Plaw Area: 2 mortar rounds into Saw Di Bay Hta Village, 1 mortar round in Htee Ah Hta, 1 mortar round in Htee Lay Hta, and 1 mortar round in Saw Bleh Loh.

At 16.26, the Burma Army began to launch mortars into Saw Mu Plaw Village Tract. Na Tee Hta Village and Kler Law Sae Day Village were hit with 2 mortar rounds each, for a total of 4 mortars.

In May Pwae Hta Village in Yer Mu Plaw Village Tract, a Tatmadaw reconnaissance plane flew over their area at around 15.00, and later in the evening at around 17.00, 3 mortars were launched into the village, seriously wounding 1 person and killing 1 man, Saw Kyi Bue, age [edit: age 55]

Also on April 8, at 16.02, a Burmese Military jet flew over Day Bu Noh village twice, which sent whatever villagers that have remained after last week’s airstrikes fleeing for cover.