Spring Revolution: Flower Strike

April 2nd, 2021  •  Author:   Flower Strike  •  2 minute read
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Myanmar protesters hold ‘flower protests’ to honor dead


Demonstrators across Myanmar have held flower strikes, placing floral tributes at locations where security forces have killed activists since the February 1 coup.

In Yangon, flowers hang as part of the campaign against the military coup

Hundreds turned out on Friday morning and laid flowers in public places to remember victims of a brutal crackdown by the country’s military junta.

Protesters have been placing floral tributes at locations where security forces have killed demonstrators, as well as other public spots, to remember the hundreds who have died since the February 1 coup.

What’s the idea behind the flower strikes?

Organizers had called for tributes to be laid at pubic places in memory of “heroes who can’t come home.”

The Association for Political Prisoners advocacy group, which is tracking casualties and detentions, says some 543 people have been killed so far in unrest since the army takeover.

The non-governmental organization Save the Children says more than 40 children have died in the military crackdown.

“Fallen, but not forgotten. Rest in power to all our sisters and brothers,” one protester — sharing images of flowers at a bus stop — wrote on social media.

Some taking part in the protest held roses aloft while making three-finger salutes, a symbol of resistance.

One arrangement of dandelions and red roses by a lake simply read: “Myanmar is bleeding,” a message that was also carried on many signs.

Here are some photos of flower strike shared by citizen journalists.