U Aye Ko: a fallen hero who was burned alive by Myanmar coup regime’s armed forces

March 28th, 2021  •  Author:   U Aye Ko (Mandalay)  •  4 minute read
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A neighborhood watch member was set on fire to death after getting injured by the shooting of junta’s forces during a night raid at Mandalay’s Aungmyatharzan Township on 27 March, Saturday night.

The victim was identified as 40-year-old Aye Ko, a father of four children who sells traditional dessert Mote Lat Saung for a living.

At around 9 pm last night, Aye Ko was shot in the chest by military soldiers during a night patrol. While he needs to be treated for his bullet wound, the soldiers threw him into a burning pile of tire instead.

A resident told Myanmar Now that the man was still screaming “mother help me!” before he was burned to dead.

No one was able to get out as soldiers constantly opened fire around the neighborhood.

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How a neighborhood night guard U Aye Ko was burned alive by Myanmar coup regime’s armed forces

By Khit Thit Media

“U Aye Ko could not run after got hit (by the bullet).  At that time, soldiers said is he dead already, if not dead (they) would shoot him again. Then, (they) dragged him into the fire, the car tyres burning”

The interview with person who witnessed (the case) in Min Tai Section, Aungmyethazan Township, Mandalay

Question: We heard that one person was killed by burning him alive. Is it true?

Answer: Yes. This happened in our section. Though, I will need to explain the whole story from the beginning to the end. The Aungmyethazan demonstration strike was cracked down in 19 Street and 89 Street today morning, 27th March (2021). They (soldiers) came and opened fire around 3:00 pm. Thought, they were angry on this section since then. The Min Tai Section sentry office was on fire at night at 8:45 pm (27th March). Soldiers opened the gunfire and entered (into section) while (sentry office building) was on fire.  We served the sentry duty as usual. We all ran away while they were shooting. U Aye Ko got hit by bullet there while running. At the same time, they (soldiers) burned down the car tyres and other fence those blocked streets in section (block soldiers for entering section). U Aye Ko got hit by bullet and could not run then soldiers ran toward him. Ran to him. Got hit (by bullet) then U Aye Ko could not run anymore. At that time, soldiers said is he dead already, if not dead (they) would shoot him again. Then, (they) dragged U Aye Ko into the fire, the car tyres burning”

Question: So, did he die already when they pull him?

Answer: Yes. He was not dead yet. He still tried to walk.

Question: Do (you) know the exact location where (he) was burnt down? The exact time? Did (people) from the section help him?

Answer:  Everyone turned off the light and stayed quietly because they opened machine guns nonstop. They (soldiers) swore and would kill people if anyone get out. They shouted, swore and would shoot at people head continuously. It was around 10:00 pm already. They opened gunfire carelessly and swore that’s why people just had to stay in the dark continuously instead of helping (people from section to help U Aye Ko). After that, more troops have arrived. All of them are with arms. People those came were all soldiers. The burning location is Min Tai Ein Kin, in front of Ta Tar Oo Monastery.

Question: Explain me about U Aye Ko as much as you know.

Answer: He is around 40 years old. (he) has four children. He worked at a work of making Tone Mote (a type of Myanmar traditional snack). He served as a sentry duty for the section. (Soldiers) shot at the person who served as a sentry duty and burned him alive to death.

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