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Myanmar: FORUM-ASIA’s response to Myanmar’s escalation of violence and internet shutdown

February 15th, 2021  •  Author:   ASIAN FORUM FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEVELOPMENT (FORUM-ASIA)  •  2 minute read
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In response to Myanmar’s escalation of violence and internet disruption over the weekend, FORUM-ASIA Executive Director Shamini Darshni Kaliemuthu said :

Despite the UN Human Rights Council’s call last Friday for the Myanmar junta to release all arbitrarily detained and protect fundamental rights in accordance with international human rights laws, we have seen a rapid escalation of violence by the military regime which has continued using excessive force and lethal weapons against peaceful protestors, arresting human rights defenders, activists, and journalists,  and imposed a nation-wide internet shutdown over the weekend.

The newly proposed cybersecurity bill would allow government entities to access personal information for security reasons,  raising further concerns on the protection of privacy rights, free expression, and access to information. 

FORUM-ASIA condemns the Myanmar junta’s use of repressive measures to suppress peoples’ voices and reiterates its call on the Myanmar military to immediately restore the legitimate civilian government;  end the arbitrary arrests and detentions; and permanently restore access to internet, mobile phone networks, media and social media. 

The international community must step up its efforts to prevent further escalation of the crisis, restore the legitimate civilian government, and take all necessary steps to hold the Myanmar military accountable for its crimes, including by imposing arms embargoes, carefully considered and targeted sanctions against the military, military-owned and operated businesses, and its associates.


For media inquiries, please contact Melissa Ananthraj, FORUM-ASIA Communication and Media Programme Manager at [email protected]

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