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Daily Briefing in Relation to the Military Coup

February 12th, 2021  •  Author:   Assistance Association for Political Prisoners  •  3 minute read
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Updated 12 February 2021

Today was the 74th Union Day as well as day 12 of the military coup. Protests against the coup continued to escalate across the country including in ethnic areas amid rising arrests along with violent crackdowns on demonstrations by the junta government.

Today across Burma videos have been circulating on social media and news agency’s which show arbitrary detentions and the use of force against peaceful protestors. The detentions defy domestic law and international standards. The rule of law is not being followed and the human rights of people in Burma is being suppressed.

In Mawlamyine, Mon State, While peacefully demonstrating at the Student Union in Mawlamyine Township on 12 February, riot police force cracked-down on the demonstration by firing rubber bullets. 5 students were injured and 9 students were abducted. There is a video of the police force charging at a protest, disproportionate to the actions of these demonstrators, they then violently detained one demonstrator in the clip. In another video in Mawlamyine, police are seen interrogating a demonstrator before abruptly taking them away.

Another video released shows police entering a house in Ingapu Township, Ayeyarwady and arbitrarily detaining Dr. Pyae Phyo Naing for participation in the civil disobedience movement.

Family members are left with no knowledge of the charges, location, or condition of their loved ones. These are not isolated incidents and night-time raids are targeting dissenting voices. It is happening across the country.

These actions are also against domestic law, if someone breaks Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, they must be arrested under Section 188 of the Penal Code. For allegedly breaking Section 188 they must be accused at the court, not arbitrarily taken away to undisclosed locations from the street and from in their homes. It is also not the authority of the police, the courts decided whether to detain, charge, and take away an individual’s liberty.

Additionally, in Thandwe Township, Rakhine State, a group of protesters were dispersed when a police vehicle charged at them, and some protesters were pursued. In Maikhtila Township, a pro-junta mob provoked people in vicious and relentless ways. A Facebook live post showed demonstrators who were peacefully protesting against the coup and calling for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to be freed, assailed with unjust assaults by the pro-junta mob.

We are deeply considered by the above mentioned incidents which are serious threats to the safety of these demonstrators as well as methodological agitations to create instability in the country.

The reported prisoner amnesty on 12 February is another serious sign of concern, there are reported 23,369 prisoners released, and 4 political prisoners as much as we know among the amnesty reportedly announced. There is a genuine worry that this amnesty is being used to make space in prisons to detain more political prisoners, and that the released prisoners will be called up to engage in the pro-military counter-protest movement.

For detentions in relation to the coup. As of February 12, a total of (326) people have been arrested and detained in relation to the military coup on February 1. Of them, (3) have been sentenced, 2 to two years imprisonment, 1 to three months, (23) were released. A total of (303) are still under detention, including the (3) sentenced.

AAPP will continue to keep you informed of verified daily arrests, charges and sentences in relation to coup, and update our lists to the details of these alleged offences.

In Solidarity,


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