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Join the Global Noise Barrage for Myanmar!

February 8th, 2021  •  Author:   Building and Wood Workers' International  •  1 minute read
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On 7 February, the Myanmar trade union movement, led by the Labour Alliance, mobilised tens of thousands of its members across the country to strongly denounce a military coup that undermined the nation’s full transition to democracy.

In support of Myanmar’s trade unionists, the Council of Global Unions (CGU) calls for a Global Noise Barrage on 11 February. 

Member organisations and affiliates are requested to do the following:

1. Noise barrages before Myanmar embassies and/or consular offices at 1430 CET; 0930 EST; 1030 (BRT).  Noise barrages in Yangon start at 2000 MMT. Make sure to wear red shirts and bring red balloons, CGU posters, whistles and other noise devices.

2. Solidarity/symbolic actions in front of trade union offices in countries where mobility is highly regulated.

3. Press conferences. Ensure media coverage. Discuss the CGU statement to press people for widest distribution and popularisation.

4. Livestream, video record and take photos of all actions for extensive sharing.

5. Post videos and photos on our official social media platforms. Use the hashtag #Workers4Myanmar
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