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Directive to block social media services Twitter and Instagram in Myanmar

February 5th, 2021  •  Author:   Telenor Group  •  1 minute read
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(Fornebu/Yangon, 5 February 2021) All mobile operators, international gateways and internet service providers in Myanmar received a directive on 5 February 2021 from the Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) to, until further notice, block the social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. This comes in addition to the current temporary block of Facebook.

While the directive has legal basis in Myanmar’s telecommunications law, Telenor Myanmar has challenged the necessity and proportionality of the directive in its response to MoTC, and highlighted the directive’s contradiction with international human rights law.

Telenor Group is gravely concerned with this development in Myanmar, and emphasises that freedom of expression through access to communication services should be maintained at all times, especially during times of conflict.

Customers in Myanmar trying to access the affected services on web will be directed to a landing page, which states that the site cannot be reached due to the directive by MoTC.

Telenor Group believes in open communication. Together with Telenor Myanmar we are actively looking to restore access to the services as soon as possible.

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