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BWI to Myanmar military: Submit to civilian rule

February 1st, 2021  •  Author:   Building and Wood Workers’ International  •  2 minute read
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BWI joins the world in condemning Myanmar’s military for staging a coup that led to the detention of senior government officials as well as leaders of the National League for Democracy (NLD). This latest power grab is a direct stab at the heart of Myanmar’s transition to democracy and a brazen attempt to alter the result of its recent democratic elections.

We stand with the people of Myanmar in safeguarding their hard-won democratic reforms against fresh militarist schemes to subvert the electorate’s popular will. This cannot stand unopposed by the international community and the global trade union movement. Myanmar’s military cannot use the country’s sovereignty to excuse the climate of impunity it has created. Myanmar is part of a global community joined by a shared respect for democracy, human rights and dignity. When these democratic principles are threatened, the world has a responsibility to act.

BWI calls for the immediate release of all government officials and democracy leaders detained by the military, and the protection and preservation of human rights, including the labour rights of trade unionists and workers. We also call on Myanmar’s military to rescind its proclamation of a one-year national emergency, fully submit to the civilian government and send its troops back to the barracks.

Democracy in Myanmar cannot be imposed by subverting the people’s will through unjust force. The only path to democracy is democracy itself.

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