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Military Products Boycott List Updated

November 17th, 2020  •  Author:   Burma Campaign UK  •  2 minute read
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Burma Campaign UK has updated its list of military products and brands, adding 25 new products/brands to the list. The update is the result of new products being launched by the military and new information about existing products or brands.

The additions to the Boycott List are:

Health and Beauty Products

Thant Sin Hand Sanitizer
Dagon Hand Sanitizer
Star Mask Disposable Face Mask


Starmart Mandalay
Kha Yae Pin Mart (Mingaladon)

Health services

ARJ Syringes
Gas Factory (Mandalay) Oxygen Cylinders

Food and Drink

Shwe Phe Oo Lemon Tea
Army Rum
Milky Sweetened Condensed Milk
First Choice Tinned River Cat Fish
First Choice Tinned Beef Curry
First Choice Tinned Fried Bamboo Shoot and True Pea
First Choice Tinned Fried Fish Paste
First Choice Tinned Haricot Beans in Tomato Sauce
First Choice Tinned Mango Pickle
First Choice Tinned Chicken and Potato Curry
First Choice Tinned Butter Bean
First Choice Tinned Hilsa


Kha Yae Pin Ballroom (Mingaladon)


MWD Education, Knowledge and Sports TV Channel


Vega Plastics/Vega Plastic Factory (produces a wide range of plastic household items including tables, chairs, tissue boxes, shelving, buckets, cups, bins, food containers, baskets and boxes)
MEC Marble (produce a range of vases, statues and plant containers)
Heaven Kitchenware (metal kitchen utensils, spoons, pots, storage)
Burpat synthetic enamel paint
Burplast emulsion paint

The purpose of the Boycott List is to help people in Burma, companies, governments and non-government organisations avoid financing the military and thereby helping to finance human rights violations including violations of international law.

Unless you want to go indoor skydiving, there are always alternatives to products made by military companies. Burma Campaign UK is urging all embassies, NGOs and international companies operating in Burma to adopt policies to avoid buying goods and services from military companies. Without such policies international aid could be ending up with the Burmese military and helping to fund human rights violations.

The full updated Boycott List is available here.

Burma Campaign UK also publishes a ‘Dirty List’ of international companies doing business with the military, or linked to human rights violations. The ‘Dirty List’ is available here.

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