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Human Rights Violations by Myanmar Armed Force in Rakhine State and Northern Shan State, in 2020


This report booklet on “Human Rights Violations of Myanmar Armed Forces in Rakhine State and Northern Shan State” is written and issued by a collaboration of Human Rights initiative organi-zations in Kachin State, Northern Shan State, and Rakhine State. This report is based only on the information that our member organizations were able to gather from personal interviews. Even while the global pandemic COVID -19 is devastating throughout the whole world, as well as in Myanmar, the internal conflict in our country is causing indigenous people to flee from their home and their human rights being violated. In issuing this booklet, it is our objective to let the responsible organizations and international establishments know about the dire situation in these two states in Myanmar and take necessary actions to protect the suffering people.Our expectation in issuing this is by reading this report, the responsible government officials will take charge of helping cure the trauma of these human rights violation victims through legal means as well as rehabilitating their livelihood by means of relief cares.

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