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Conflict Deprives Civilians of Food and Aid in Chin and Rakhine State

June 12th, 2020  •  Author:   Burma Human Rights Network  •  2 minute read
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London, UK — The Burma Human Rights Network is concerned about continuing reports of rising prices and food shortages in areas affected by the conflict in Rakhine and Chin State. Fighting between the Burmese Military and the Arakan Army has disrupted local economies, displaced civilians, and cut off supply lines and NGOs from accessing those most in need. These reports are occurring as new cases of Covid-19 are reported in Rakhine State and at least one case was previously reported in Chin State.

“The conflict in Rakhine and Chin State continues to harm the civilians most, while no end is in sight to the fighting. NGOs must be given full access to these areas to ensure that civilians can have their basic needs met. The Burmese Army and the Arakan Army must ensure that transportation of goods can continue without risk and that supply lines remain open for the civilian population,” said BHRN’s Executive Director, Kyaw Win.

The conflict in Rakhine and Chin State has continued steadily in recent years without pause. While the conflict is between the Burmese Army and Arakan Army; the Rakhine, Rohingya, Chin, and other ethnic minorities have been trapped in the crossfire as well. On top of reports of deaths and injury from the fighting, reductions in access to basic needs have hit all communities hard. Restrictions on NGO access have worsened these problems for the civilian population significantly.

BHRN calls upon the Burmese Army and the Arakan Army to initiate a ceasefire to allow humanitarian access to all affected communities. The Burmese Army and Government must grant full NGO access for all civilians in conflict zones without restriction. The Burmese Government must also address potential Covid-19 spread in these areas by isolating cases, providing treatment, and educating the public. The International Community, particularly the US, UK, EU, and ASEAN nations must insist on a ceasefire between the combatants and help to negotiate it.

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