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AAPP’s latest Report ‘Of 20 years, the Journey’

May 3rd, 2020  •  Author:   Assistance Association for Political Prisoners  •  2 minute read
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On the occasion of AAPP’s 20 year anniversary, we present out latest report ‘Of 20 years, the Journey’. This report details the last 20 years of AAPP, our journey from being founded in exile to operating freely inside Burma.

On todays report launch we pay our respects to all political prisoners, former political prisoners, families’ members, fallen political prisoners and former political prisoners who died following their release.

Since establishment, AAPP has been tirelessly working to secure the release of political prisoners and ensure the protection and promotion of human, civil and political rights. Despite facing torture, hardship and fatigue, they resisted and overcame with their strength, beliefs, perseverance and bravery, for the sake of all Burmese people.

As long as the civil war, inequality, abuses of power, unlawful arrests, killings, and the laws restricting freedom of expression, the effort in resistance to inequality and battle for freedom will continue and the political prisoners will remain behind bars.

Today, all responsible persons in Burma are working hard vigilantly for National Reconciliation and Peace. Unity and peaceful coexistence among all ethnics are serious requirements for Burma which is falling in all point of views.

Only if the government follows and practices the basic human rights and democratic norms and standards exactly, every citizen can enjoy civil and political rights equally, and be benefited from protection by law. Only then, the effort in resistance to inequality and battle of freedom can be stopped and the issue of political prisoners will be solved.

Therefore, we strongly urge the government to release all the political prisoners as soon as possible to be able to walk towards National Reconciliation and Peace.

AAPP sincerely promises to continue our battle for a free and democratic society which guarantees the fulfillment of civil and political rights and where no political prisoners remain incarcerated.

In Solidarity.

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