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Statement Concerning Directive to Enhance Security, Issued by Political and Security Department of Union President Office, and Sent to All Union-level Organizations, Union Government Ministries, and Spreading All Over Social Media

September 27th, 2019  •  Author:   Karen National Union  •  3 minute read
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September 27, 2019

Through the social media, we have discovered that letters bearing a directive to ‘Enhance Security,’dated September 16, 2019 and signed by Naing Hswe Oo, Director General of the Political and Security Department, the Union President Office, were sent to various offices/departments in the Union Area, and letters relaying the directive were sent to the respective subordinate levels concerned. Moreover, it is found that the outflow of the directive from different levels of government departments has led to the diplomatic missions to Myanmar to issue notice relating to security.

The said letter of directive related that some of the members of the Northern Alliance (AA/KIA and still under investigation), CNF and KNU organizations, a total of 20 persons, held a meeting near Maela (AKA) Behklaw Refugee Camp in Thailand, and in connection with the information that the meeting decided to carry out an explosion in the Naypyitaw Council Area, either on 16-9-2019, or 26-9-2019, or 26-10-2019, the Political and Security Department with letter No. 506 (158)/ 12/ President Office, dated September 16, 2019, directed the various offices/departments in the Union Area to specially attend to and enhance the security measures.

According to the content of the letter, there were phrases: “the KNU members” as well as “to carry out an explosion,” we would like to assert the position of our organization, the Karen National Union (KNU), as follows.

A) The Karen National Union (KNU) on its part has no “policy” to engage in any activity that will impact and ruin the peace process.

B) Any unit of force, under the Karen National Union (KNU), has no intention to engage in an activity that will impact and ruin the peace process.

C) With regard to the content of the letter: “held a meeting and decided to carry out an explosion in Naypyitaw Area” – we have to say that just as the Karen National Union (KNU) had not held such a meeting, it had absolutely (absolutely) not directed any force under it for carrying out explosions.

D) Just as the Karen National Union (KNU) is committed to the success of the peace process, it is consistently striving in the forefront for the success, and it will continue to strive on in the future, as well.

As the Karen National Union (KNU) has laid down the “policy” of resolving the political problem by political means justly, we affirm with this statement to strive consistently on for the achievement of lasting peace and the establishment of a democratic federal union.

1. Padoh Saw Gweh Htoo Win (Vice-President) (+66 8 1807 6 279; +97 73 259466)
2. Padoh Saw Hla Htoon (Joint General Secretary -2) (+66 94 035 1880; +95 9 252 732 862)

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