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Statement by the World Kachin Congress on the 8th Anniversary of the Resumption of Civil War

June 9th, 2019  •  Author:   World Kachin Congress  •  3 minute read
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Eight years ago today, the Burma Army attacked the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), breaking their 17-year-old Bilateral Ceasefire Agreement of 1994. Since then, the renewed war has ravaged northern Burma, displacing over 120,000 people and emptying over 360 villages.

The occupation and aggression of the Burma Army in northern Burma continues until the present day, making it impossible for displaced villagers to return safely to their homes. The current unilateral ceasefire announcement by the Burma Army in northern Burma is clearly just a ruse to promote peace, when in fact they are concentrating all their firepower to another violent campaign in Arakan. Simultaneously, they are weaponizing proxy political parties and militia leaders to instigate violence between ethnic communities in Kachin State.

Last April, the Burma Army’s LID-99 attacked and seized several KIA bases east of Muse just days before peace talk with KIA was scheduled at the very town.  This was precisely to pressure the KIA to sign the NCA, as well as to clear it from the planned China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. It is evident that the Burma Army has no intention of seeking a peaceful solution to the world oldest civil war. They are continuing to use force to subjugate ethnic peoples, seize their lands and extort their rich natural resources for their business interests, regardless of the dire social and environmental impacts. The ongoing devastation in Hpakant is a glaring example of this disaster.

Despite humanity’s attempt to codify laws, conventions, and court of adjudication to help prevent atrocity, we continue to witness replica of the Nazi’s Final Solution, Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, and Imperial Japan’s Nanking Massacre due to Realpolitik and nation-state’s self-interest. Despite the UN Fact Finding Mission’s findings of evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by the Burma Army, the international community is still quarrelling over proper response for the State which is home to the first genocide of 21st century.

Therefore, we make the following urgent demands:

  1. To impose sanctions and full arms embargo to curtail the Burma Army’s appetite to launch military offensives.
  2. Urge the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution to mandate the withdrawal of Burmese troops from ethnic territories which will help foster mutual trust and engender inclusive political dialogue toward sustainable peace in Burma.
  3. To halt financial investments in all mega infrastructure and resource extraction projects until there is guarantee of genuine peace in Burma.
  4. To refer the situation in Burma to the International Criminal Court or set up an ad hoc international criminal tribunal so that the accused perpetrators of war crimes and commanders of mass murder can be brought to justice.
  5. To provide adequate humanitarian aid through cross-border channels to IDPs in Kachin and other ethnic areas until they can return voluntarily, safely and with dignity to their own homes.

Media Contacts:

Mr. Nsang Gum San (USA) Phone: +1 443-415-8683

Mrs. Marip Seng Bu (Japan) Phone: +81 904 076 6579

Mr. Zauring Hpunggan (New Zealand) Phone: +64 021 183 1134

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