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“Studying Orchids Enriching Lives” Video Documentary

October 4th, 2018  •  Author:   Karen Environmental and Social Action Network  •  2 minute read
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It is our great honor to present you the latest short video documentary, “Studying Orchids, Enriching Lives” which features the first research project conducted by Indigenous Karen women in the proposed Salween Peace Park in northern Karen State, Kawthoolei, Burma/Myanmar.

Inspired by the disappearance of rare orchids and declining orchid populations, which are threatened by the illegal orchid trade and annual forest fires started by the Burma Army, Indigenous Karen women from the Salween Peace Park and women from the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN) began their research in 2012.

Several local Karen women joined together to document and raise awareness for the conservation of local orchid species. This grassroots citizen science took place in two community forests within the proposed Salween Peace Park territory in Mutraw District, Karen State. After 4 years of research, and more than a year of data analysis and compilation, these women researchers proudly presented the results of their research in the report, “Studying Orchids, Enriching Lives”.

For more details, please see our short video documentary in the link to learn more about what they found during their research.

This group of women researchers will not stop at the publishing of their orchid research project, they plan to carry out further research on local flora such as mushrooms, vegetables, edible shoots, etc. to boost biodiversity conservation within the Salween Peace Park. If you would like to support these women’s research, please contact us at [email protected].