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Rohingya Facing Dire Circumstances During Monsoon Season

August 30th, 2018  •  Author:   Burma Human Rights Network  •  1 minute read

Executive Summary

  • Almost every refugee interviewed responded that they are facing shortage of material to repair temporary shelters
  • Lack of adequate health care was commonly reported
  • The most common medical complain was children suffering from diarrhea
  • The second most common complaint was that children had developed skin rashes
  • Patient suffering Hepatitis C and B struggled to get medicine to treat it
  • Fear of mudslide during the raining is very common
  • Rohingya in Rakhine facing travel restrictions, hunger, property damage and increasing spread of illness, disease, and death
  • Outbreak of flu combined with limited access to food is especially dangerous for small children some already died


BHRN has conducted over 20 interviews inside newly settled refugee areas in Bangladesh and received several reports from Rohingya still living inside of northern Rakhine State to assess this situation. The findings of this report are a small sample of what is likely to be a far greater problem, which will require a response from the International Community. BHRN withheld the name of the people and the organization that interviewed during the survey for security reason.

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