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Position Statement on Current Political Development and Assistance to Refugees

July 31st, 2017  •  Author:   Karen National Union Concerned Group  •  3 minute read

1. The consultation meeting on providing assistance to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) and refugees organized by Mutraw District Executive Committee held on July 25, 2017 was attended by 71 representatives from 10 Karen community based organizations (CBOs).

2. After discussion of the situations of current political development and provision of assistance to refugees, the meeting laid down future work programs. In addition, with the aim to support the continuation of providing assistance to the IDPs and assisting in the work of rehabilitation, the Internally Displaced Persons Supporting Committee (IDPSC) was formed.

3. The problem of IDP and refugees has arisen because of the civil war, and the root cause of the civil war is the political problem.

4. At the present, only some ethnic armed resistance organizations and the government have been able to sign the NCA, and the nationwide ceasefire cannot yet be achieved. Similarly, at the present, as the political dialogue between the government and the ethnic armed resistance organizations, which have signed the NCA, has not progressed as expected, it is clearly seen that the ethnic armed resistance organizations are reviewing the current process of realizing peace.

5. However, the international assistance to the refugees including the IDP is being reduced or terminated.

6. Particularly, as assistance to the IDP of Ei Tu Hta Camp in Mutraw District will be terminated totally at the end of September 2017, the people currently in the camp are apprehensive of their life security and existence.

7. Accordingly, in managing and resolving the issue of refugees, including the IDP:

(a) The management and implementation of repatriation and relocation of the refugees, including the IDP, shall be based on the success and progress in the field of politics.

(b) The repatriation of refugees, including the IDP, is not to be undertaken before achievement of political guarantee and true peace in Burma/Myanmar;

(c) In order to establish trust for the relocation of the refugees, including the IDP, the government military camps are to be withdrawn most speedily;

8. In helping to resolve the problem of refugees, including the IDP, the international donors:

(a) Shall ensure the durable existence and life security of the refugees, including the IDP;

(b) Are to continue providing cross-border assistance during the time when there is still no occurrence of political guarantee and true peace;

(c) Are to continue providing assistance, including assistance for education and health-care as before, to the IDP in Ei Tu Hta Camp and to provide also assistance for vocational training that would enable durable existence.

9. Hence, this position statement is issued and demands are made earnestly that first, the terms and conditions mentioned above, must be realized.

(1) Padoh Tender – (+66) 53 071 6 00
(2) Padoh Mahn Mahn – (+66) 87 943 87 50
(3) Padoh Nay Tha Blay – (+66) 86 911 04 13

Endorsed Organizations
1. Karen Women Organization (KWO)
2. Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN)
3. Back Pack Health Worker Team (BPHWT)
4. Mae Tao Clinic (MTC)
5. Karen Office for Relief and Development (KORD)
6. Karen Refugee Committee (KRC)
7. Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN)
8. Ei Tu Hta Refugee Camp Committee (ETTRC)
9. Karen National Union Concerned Group (KNU CG)
10. Karen Student Network Group (KSNG)
11. Karen Thai Group (KTG)

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