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PSLF/TNLA Review on Battles in Ta’ang Region

November 18th, 2016  •  Author:   Palaung State Liberation Front  •  2 minute read

1. Battles taking place in the Ta’ang Region –  17 times in 2012, 65 times in 2013 and 136 times in 2014 – had increased to 219 times in 2015 and 309 times in 2016. The increase was due to (a) More offensives by Myanmar Tatmadaw (MT=Burma Army) and the incursion into the Ta’ang Region and attacks by the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS).

The Myanmar Tatmadaw (MT) Offensive Order of Battle by 

2. Initially, in the Ta’ang Region, the MT had stationed only the garrison units under the North-East Command, the battalion under Kyaukme based Military Operation Command (MOC)-1,  the battalion under Thein-ni based MOC-16, one Tactical Command (TAC) under the Bago based Division (Div)-77, one TAC under the Magwe based Div-88 and one TAC under Meik-ti-la based Div-99.  In April 2015, the MT started offensives by bringing in as reinforcement, the entire unit of Div-77 and the entire unit of Div-88, and in May the entire unit of Div-99. In March 2016, to reinforce the troops already in the region,  the MT brought in the entire unit of Sa-gaing (Ywa-taung) based Div-33, the entire unit of Kalaw based Div-55, the entire unit of Pa-kok-ku based Div-101 and MOC-10 under the North-East Command. With a strength of over 10,000 troops from the 6 full military divisions and 3 MOC, the MT stepped up the offensives. After over three months of offensives against the TNLA, the MT, in June and July, withdrew its divisions, leaving only the Div-33 and Div-99.

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