Foreign Secretary calls for an end to violence in Rakhine

September 2nd, 2017  •  Author:   Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson  •  2 minute read

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave a statement following the recent eruption of violence in Burma.

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said:

Aung Sang Suu Kyi is rightly regarded as one of the most inspiring figures of our age but the treatment of the Rohingya is alas besmirching the reputation of Burma. She faces huge challenges in modernising her country. I hope she can now use all her remarkable qualities to unite her country, to stop the violence and to end the prejudice that afflicts both Muslims and other communities in Rakhine. It is vital that she receives the support of the Burmese military, and that her attempts at peacemaking are not frustrated. She and all in Burma will have our full support in this.


  • The UK has provided nearly £8 million to address the humanitarian suffering of Rohingya refugees and the vulnerable Bangladeshi communities that host them.
  • Earlier this week, the UK raised the situation in Rakhine in the UN Security Council. Our immediate priority is to make sure food and medical assistance can be provided to displaced civilians from all communities. We are also urging the Government of Burma to address the underlying issues in Rakhine.

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