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Summary of SAC human rights violations in Karenni State and Pekhon Township (Aug 14- Aug 27, 2023)

August 30th, 2023  •  Author:   Karenni Civil Society Network  •  3 minute read
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Failing to secure supply routes into Karenni State, SAC troops use airstrikes, shelling and arson to inflict collective punishment

Resistance forces continue to successfully block attempts by SAC troops to secure supply routes into Karenni State. On August 15, SAC troops conducting an offensive in Pruso township were forced to retreat, and on August 23, over a hundred SAC troops trying to bring supplies from Shan State suffered heavy losses when attacked by the Karenni Army east of the Salween river. In retaliation, SAC troops have continued to bomb, shell and torch civilian settlements.

On August 15, SAC troops which had been carrying out an offensive in Pruso township for five days retreated back to their bases in Pruso. During clashes with combined Karenni forces over the five days, several SAC soldiers were killed, including a battalion commander and captain, and the Karenni forces seized a large amount of SAC ammunition.

On August 17, combined Karenni forces tried to seize a SAC outpost in Pan Tein village, Mese township but due to heavy aerial bombardment, with 25 bombs, the Karenni troops had to retreat.

On August 20, there were heavy clashes between combined Karenni forces and SAC troops in Htee Paw So and Daw Nge Khu villages, Pruso township. SAC troops then fired shells indiscriminately into the area over the next three days, damaging several civilian houses.

On August 21, at 8 am, a couple was shot two miles west of Khone So village, Phekon township, by SAC troops while heading to their farm. The husband was shot dead and his wife injured in her shoulder, and both were taken to a SAC outpost. The relatives were forced to pay 3.5 million kyat to the SAC troops to release the dead body and the injured wife.

On August 22, SAC troops patrolling in Ta Nee Hla Le village, Demawso township, torched a civilian house despite there being no clashes at the time.

On August 23, over a hundred SAC troops from LIB 519 and LIB 334 bringing supplies from Shan State clashed with the Karenni Army in Mae Hla Yu, Hso Ta Shar (Shadaw) township, east of the Salween river. 15 SAC soldiers were killed, 30 injured and the KA seized a large amount of ammunition. After the clash, the SAC launched airstrikes over the area. On the same day, SAC troops from Military Training Camp no.14 attacked a village in eastern Pruso township using a drone, injuring three boys, aged 8 years, 9 years and 10 years. Moreover, a SAC aerial bomb damaged a bridge near Kwai Nga watershed in Demawso township, where IDPs from Demawso were taking shelter.

On August 25, at 10 pm, despite there being no clashes, the SAC attacked an IDP camp west of Demawso township with two 500 pound bombs and seven artillery shells, damaging 4 civilian houses and a school.

On August 26, despite there being no clashes at the time, SAC troops set villagers’ houses on fire in Htee Paw Hso village and Daw Nye Khu village in Pruso township. 13 houses were torched in Daw Nye Khu village and 30 houses in Htee Paw Hso village.

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