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Looting, arbitrary arrest, torture, forced labour by Burma Army in Muse, northern Shan State

December 28th, 2016  •  Author:   Shan Human Rights Foundation  •  4 minute read
  1. Looting, damage of villagers’ houses by Burma Army ID 33 troops in Pang Hsai, northern Shan State

On 30 November 2016, Burma Army troops under Infantry Division 33 looted and damaged fourteen houses at Wan Khong Long village, Pang Hsai, Muse township, northern Shan State.

There are 60 households in Wan Khong Long, with a population of 310 people. Almost all the inhabitants had fled their homes due to the heavy fighting about one mile north, at Wan Gawng Zong and Wan Nam Dao, between the Burma Army and the Northern Alliance (comprising the Kachin Independence Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, and Arakan Army).

A monk who had remained in Wan Khong Long village saw Burma Army troops breaking down doors,  entering houses and looting villagers’ property.

On the same day, a villager called Sai Tun Aung, who was driving his motorcycle from Wan Gawng Zong, arrived at Wan Khong Long and was shot at by the Burma Army ID 33 troops in the village. Luckily, he was not hit.

The list of property looted and damaged by the Burma Army in Wan Khong Long is as follows:

No. Villager’s names Property looted, damaged
 1 Lung Ye Mai, Ba Kham Leng One camera, costing 410,000 kyat (300 USD)

Two pairs of ear-rings (costing 226,000 kyat (170 USD)

Goods for sale in their shop, costing 478,500 (360 USD)

40,000 Kyat (30 USD) and 600yuan(85 USD) in cash

 2 Ai Kaw Ngeun, Nang Kham LengTun Door and window broken
 3 Nai Aung Pan Door and window broken
 4 Ai Saw, Nai Shwe Harn Two telephones, costing 180,000 kyat (135 USD)

One pair of ear-rings, costing 110,000 kyat (80 USD)

 5 Ai Sarng, Nang Kham Tun Door and window broken
 6 Ai Aung Hla, Ma So Door and window broken
 7 Ai Tay, Aye Mai Phone and watch costing 300,000 kyat (225 USD)
 8 Ai Sarm Jin, Nang Kham Leng Shwe Aung Goods in their shop costing 8,200 yuan (1,190 USD)
 9 Sai Lao Hsai, Nang Thawn Sar 5,300 yuan (770 USD) in cash

Goods in their shop costing 300,000 kyat (225 USD)

 10 Ai Boo, Nang Aung Door and window broken
 11 Ai Htwe, Nang Shwe Mya Door and window broken
 12 Ai Thein Oo, Nang Kham Yean Door and window broken
 13 Ai Pao, Nang Kham Hla Goods in their shop costing 700,000 kyat (520 USD)
 14 Lao Vho, Nai Aung Parn Door and window broken

28 12 2016 Door broken to enter the house

Four displaced villagers arrested, forced to work for Burma Army for three weeks in Mong Ko

On 22 November 2016, four villagers from Nawng Kham quarter (6) of Mong Ko town were arrested by troops of Burma Army ID 99 based in Nawng Kham, when they were returning from China to check on their homes. They had fled to seek refuge in China, together with most other villagers in their quarter, when fighting broke out on November 20.

When they were arrested, they were forced to cook for the army at their base for 23 days, until they were released on December 14 at 4 pm. There are 35 households in Nawng Kham, with a population of 155 people.

  1. No.
Villager’s Name Age Village of origin Details
 1 Sai Ai Seing 30 Nawng Kham
 2 Sai Ai Yung 20 Nawng Kham His house was completely burnt down
 3 Sai Ai Boi 20 Nawng Kham
 4 Sai Ai Moan 16 Nawng Kham
  1. Villager arrested, tortured by Burma Army troops under Infantry Division 33 and 99 in Pang Hsai

On December 5, 2016, a villager from Pang Hsai, Muse township, northern Shan State, was arrested by Burma Army troops, jailed and beaten.

At 9.30 pm on that day, Sai Lurn, the son of U Kwarn Yao Hsan and Nang Hseng Kwat, living in Quarter 1 of Pang Hsai, met with Burma Army troops. They questioned him, and even though he told him he was just a local villager, they arrested him and jailed him. While he was in the jail he was beaten several times

The next day, on December 6, the Burma Army phoned Sai Lurn’s uncle Lung Kyaw Htwe, who came to the police station with two other villagers. After this, Sai Lurn was released at 2 pm.

28 12 2016 Muse Eng


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