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Report on Leadership Modalities among Kachin Communities

December 19th, 2016  •  Author:   Naushawng Education Network  •  2 minute read

Myitkyina, 19 December  2016 – the findings of recent research examining leadership modalities among Kachin communities has recently been published by the Naushawng Education Network (NSEN).

The study, which was supported by the World Peace Service (Weltfriedensdienst e.V.), looks at how people living in rural and urban settings across 3 townships of Kachin State, choose, elect or select local leaders, taking into consideration the perspectives of youth and older persons, as well as potential impacts upon peace and conflict.

Whilst the study placed significant emphasis upon the research process itself, understanding local people’s experiences and views on the Ward and Village Tract Administrator elections earlier in the year also constitutes a central theme of the study.

In brief, the report highlights that there is a degree of disjuncture between citizens and the state, wherein current governance structures effectively dilute local representation with little or no formal means for carrying out effective checks and balances at village level.

Whilst it is recommended that a review of the Ward and Village Tract Administrator elections be conducted, the report also highlights the fact that there is strong need to raise awareness of the Ward and Village Tract Administration Law and provide education to local people that enables better selection of local leaders.

The report also emphasizes the limited participation of women in local governance and stresses the need for the strengthening of social capital, recommending also that further research is necessary in order to gain a deeper cognizance of local realities, including through initiatives that empower citizens to seek and secure systemic change at different levels of society.


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Bawk La (NSEN Research and Development Programme Manager)  


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