Fact Sheet: International response to Ukraine situation highlights sluggishness on Burma/Myanmar

May 11th, 2022  •  Author:   ALTSEAN-Burma , Blood Money Campaign  •  2 minute read
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Key summary points:
  • Since 1 Feb 2021, international governments have dragged their feet in responding to the Burma crisis. The junta has been allowed to continue its destruction and brutality against the people of Burma, supported by international revenue flows.
  • During 1 Jan–22 Apr this year, there were 4,971 armed clashes and attacks on civilians in Ukraine. While this exceeded the 3,310 in Burma over the same period, the state of conflict in Burma has now gone on for 15 months and involved at least 10,962 clashes and attacks.
  • In the face of Russian aggression and atrocities in Ukraine, the international community has used its tremendous power to dissuade Russia from continuing. However, despite recognizing the urgency of protecting civilians, the international community has not gone nearly far enough in responding to the Burma crisis.
  • To stop suffering and restore democracy in Burma:
    • The US, EU, and others must effectively halt the flow of foreign exchange revenue to the illegal junta to reduce its ability to attack civilians. This includes sanctioning Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank (MFTB), and Myanmar Investment and Commercial Bank (MICB) to prevent the junta from using export profits to arm itself for its crackdown on the people of Burma. There must also be a global arms embargo.
    • The US, EU, and others must comprehensively address the humanitarian crisis resulting from the junta’s violence, blocking of humanitarian aid, and gross economic mismanagement. As a first step, work needs to begin immediately to ensure assistance is delivered to communities based along the country’s western and eastern borders, which have been disproportionately affected.
    • The US, EU, and others must take the necessary steps to ensure that the perpetrators of atrocity crimes in Burma are held accountable, including by referring the junta’s actions to the ICC and backing the National Unity Government (NUG) declaration accepting the jurisdiction of the court.

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