UN Human Rights Council 42th session. Delivered by H.E. Swedish Permanent Representative Veronika Bard

September 17th, 2019  •  Author:   Embassy of Sweden  •  2 minute read

Thank you Chair,

Sweden aligns itself with the European Union and thank the Fact Finding Mission for the presentation.

When the first Fact Finding Mission report was released, Sweden, as a member of the Security Council, called for the report to be presented to the Security Counil. The findings were clear and showed the urgent need for the Council and the international community to address the crisis in Myanmar, and the impunity for the crimes committed –  many of which amount to the most serious crimes under international law.

We cannot accept this. Let us use the recent Fact Finding Mission reports to redouble our efforts in pursuing  accountability and justice for the victims, and lay the foundation for sustainable peace. The new evidence provided reaffirms the urgent need for a referral of the situation to the International Criminal Court.  We also note the ICC Prosecutor’s request for authorisation to open an investigation into alleged crimes against humanity, namely deportation, other inhumane acts and persecution committed against the Rohingya people from Myanmar.

We are pleased that the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar is now operational.

Let me also underline the need for the international community to seriously consider the Fact Finding Mission report on Sexual and Gender-based Violence. The needs of survivors and victims must be at the center of the discussion on justice and accountability.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights must be given a clear mandate to continue to closely monitor the situation in Myanmar and report regularly to the Human Rights Concil. The crisis in Myanmar has to remain a top priority for the international community.

Thank you.

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